CNC Machining Services

CNC Machining

CNC MachineCNC machining is a fabrication process that uses 3D CAD models to generate machine tool path commands to create a finished machined part. CNC machining is suitable for a wide variety of materials including stainless steels, aluminum, magnesium, brass and many plastics.

Teknika4 offers the production of precision-machined components. Our engineering department offers milling, turning, CNC engineering, surface grinding, wire erosion, EDM spark erosion and more. Read more about precision machining techniques below or contact us to discuss which process is compatible with your project needs. 


  • Cutting Speed – CNC machines can create components more quickly because they do not require as many part setups, tooling changes, and special tooling fixtures compared to manual machining techniques.
  • Accuracy – CNC machines load software programs which insure repeatability. Any deviations in the process instantly flag the operator.
  • Cost Savings – Waste is decreased because the operator can optimize raw material usage, and by reduced scrap rates.
  • Flexibility – once a program has been verified and executed for one production, it can be easily modified for the next run if needed.
  • Automation – CNC machines can be operated unattended during the entire machining cycle.
  • TOLERANCES - Smallest increment is usually 0.0001 inch or 0.001 millimeters.

CNC machining utilize vertical/horizontal machining systems, gantry routers with various degrees of freedom from 3 to 5 axis. Some machines have live tooling changers, material feeders, and self cleaning systems. Some of the operations include: milling, drilling, boring, tapping, knurling, reaming, turning, threading, broaching, pocketing, counter-boring, and precision facing. Teknkika4 provides precision machining know how by highly experienced machinists. Teknika4 provide prototyping CNC services, custom mechanism fabrication, engineering support, as well as assembly and delivery services.

Teknika4 provides high precision, high quality, and competitive prices from small to large component production runs with fast lead times.  Additional services, such as assembly, design, material analysis and testing, quality assurance, engineering consultation, warehousing, and shipping are also available. 

CMM Inspection

CMMCMM (Coordinate Measuring Device) has become common in the world of quality control. CMM are mechanical 3-D measuring systems designed to track a mobile measuring probe to determine the XYZ coordinates of points on a part surface. CMMs are used to validate the dimension tolerance of parts, and help insure the part manufacturing quality. Teknika4 provides upon request CMM reports of dimensional Key Characteristics. The CMM  can also verify geometric tolerances of features. 

Teknika4 provides aerospace clients with world class CNC machining to clients worldwide. We perform a wide variety of machining processes for the aerospace industry. Teknika4 provides multiple options for various assemblies, tooling, and finished parts. Utilizing the latest programming software allows Teknika4 to take a 3D model file from a customer and generate machining code. In addition to our CNC machining for aerospace applications, we also perform manufacturing for other industries. Teknika4 verifies our completed parts using CMM inspection. This inspection verification guarantees that our fabricated parts meet the tight tolerances required in aerospace applications and our customers’ specifications. Our precise aerospace machining services, and very competitive low CNC prices make Teknika4 your first stop for all your machining projects.