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Teknika4 is an authorized distributor of Zodiac Aerospace / ECE electrical power contactors. Aircraft Contactor Zodiac

Teknika4 is a purveyor of aerospace electrical power contactors, relays, switches, harnesses, MIL spec connectors, and other power components for a wide array of aircraft models. Teknika4 also works directly with aircraft manufactures globally.  Teknika4 can provide the technical assistance during the design and selection process of your electrical system components. Please contact us for any specific needs.

Aircraft Electrical power Contractor Helicopters

Aircraft power circuits, contactors, relays, and distribution buses are designed to transmit power and protect electrical systems against overcurrent and faults. These devices can be passive or controlled through by low power coils or circuits. Contactors are electrical relays designed to switch on/off high voltages and currents. Contactors are regularly used in commercial or military aircrafts and helicopters to control a wide array of power systems like electrical generators, APU, batteries, external payloads, onboard support systems, and backup power units. 

Aerospace contactors are designed to endure a high number of cycles and require the strictest quality control standards compared to mass produced industrial products. The contactors are normally equipped with protection circuits like shunting resistors, diodes, and transorbs to protect the interfacing aircraft electrical components.Aircraft electrical system designers must calculate and evaluate a wide range of frequencies and thermal loads to ensure the component life is not negatively impacted. The introduction of 270/540 VDC systems in commercial and military applications have driven design changes that improved the reliability and weight of past legacy contactor designs.

Aerospace power systems are no longer restricted to frequencies in the 400 Hz range. Some of the newer aircraft electrical system designs operate from 350 to 800 Hz. Aircraft electrical engineers need to evaluate how these wide frequency ranges affect the device service life and thermal performance characteristics. Solid state power devices will extend the switching life of a contactor; unlike power contacts which are subject to physical wear and tear from mechanical mating contacts and the effects of electrical arcing. When contacts start to wear, the increased resistance across the connections create an increased heat generation which will yield end of life failures.

The main function of an electrical power system is to generate, control, and distribute power to various types of aircraft systems. Aircraft reliability, safety, performance, and comfort is directly related with the reliability of electrical systems and subsystems. Commercial aircraft electrical systems utilize both AC, DC, and high voltage 3 Phase power systems. Teknika4 supplies the latest electrical power system technologies and products from many of the top leading aerospace companies.